The architecture of TaskBuilder Studio: 4 key points

COMPONENTI - TBS fornisce un ampio insieme di componenti software orientati alle soluzioni ERP: controlli, maschere, gestione dei DBMS, astrazione dei Business Objects, radar, menu, reporting, setup e così via.

Applications - they are built using the platform elements. Mago4 itself consists of various applications, including the ERP, core of the system, but everything is designed to allow the easy addition of third-party applications.

Tools - TBS fully integrates with TaskBuilder Framework, the integration framework of all application components, which contains all the general tools - such as DMS, Security, Auditing. The tools help you to interact with the application to browse and search data, manage access rights to functions and data, track activities, etc.

Web Services - the orchestration of the components takes place using Web Services, i.e. the communication interface used by all objects, components and applications implemented using TBS. Web Services support is therefore not restricted to specific objects with a limited interface. The result? All functions and applications are accessible via Web Services transparently, allowing other development tools and languages to use the BO developed on the platform.

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